About Your Consultations

Informed Financial Consent

For most procedures our doctors participate in the no-gap arrangement or gap cover scheme with most health funds, which means in effect that the full charge to your doctor will be the amount that your fund rebates for TOP COVER for all in-patient procedures.  You will need to have full cover without any restrictions on your health fund table. The account for your inpatient procedure will be sent directly to the participating fund. This does not include bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

Click for more details on your options or to download the informed financial consent statement.

Things To Remember

Before your first appointment:

  1. Please don’t forget to bring a referral letter from your GP (if it was given to you).
  2. Please bring all the relevant X-rays with you when you come to the Rooms for your appointment.

Before you leave the consulting rooms:

  1. Remember to discuss with the doctor what to do with your normal medications before surgery.
  2. If you are diabetic it is essential that you discuss with the doctor what to do with your Insulin or other diabetes medications before having any procedure.

When you come to hospital for your operation/procedure:

  1. Always bring all your usual medications.
  2. Please bring your X-rays.