Informed Financial Consent

Dr Costa Karihaloo, Dr Christine O’Neill, Dr Adeeb Majid, Dr David Burnett, and Dr Jodie-Kate Williams each set their fees independently. They are committed to a sustainable private health care system and set their fees accordingly for consultations and surgery.

The surgeons participate in ‘known-gap’ arrangements with most health funds. This means that you (the patient) may be charged a known out-of-pocket cost (up to $500 dependent on the procedure), to be paid prior to surgery and the remainder of the surgeons’ fee will be billed direct to your health fund. If your health fund does not participate in the known-gap arrangement, you may be invoiced the whole amount of the surgeon fee and will then be able to claim this from Medicare and your health fund once you have been issued with a receipt. This does not include bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

The ‘known-gap’ or deposit payment is required to be paid two (2) weeks prior to your scheduled procedure date and this information is supplied to you once a surgery date is confirmed.

Bariatric operations (for weight loss) are not covered by no-gap or known-gap arrangements – please see Dr Costa Karihaloo’s individual website for financial information regarding weight loss surgery.

This advice does not relate to services provided by other doctors, including assistant surgeons, anaesthetists, radiologists, physicians, or pathologists, nor any other costs associated with your stay, e.g. accommodation, theatre fee, pharmacy or physiotherapy.  It relates to doctor’s fee only for inpatient services. Most patients will have some out-of-pocket expenses for appointments, but these will be detailed at the time the appointment is booked.

With regards to the anaesthetist’s fee, once the date for your operation has been allocated administration staff will be able to provide you with their contact details. You will then be able to contact them directly regarding fee structures.

Please refer to your health fund for additional information not provided above.

Dr Costa Karihaloo, Dr Christine O’Neill, Dr Adeeb Majid, Dr David Burnett, and Dr Jodie-Kate Williams have no financial interest, other than the fee for service, in any products or hospital services.