Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an appointment?
Call the rooms on 4947 8177

What to bring to the appointment?
Referral (from GP or specialists), Medicare card, Health fund card, Pension or Healthcare card and workers compensation details (if Applicable).

How long will my appointment take?
Appointment times can vary can vary from 15-45mins. This does not include any delays. We advise you to ring prior to your appointment to check if the doctor is running on time.

How much will a consultation cost?
Initial consultations are $200 for appointments regarding general surgery and $220 for weight loss surgery. Follow-up consultations are $100. If it has been over 12 months since your last visit or a new problem the cost is the same as the initial consultation.  Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders are charged $100 for an initial consultation and are bulk billed for follow-up consultations. Medicare rebates are available and can be completed in the rooms while you are here. Health fund rebates are only available for in-hospital services.

What do I do in the lead up to surgery?
Ensure you have filled in the hospital admission booklet and presented it to the hospital where you will be undergoing surgery at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled date.

How do I find out details about the day of surgery?
The hospital will phone you the working day prior to your surgery and inform you of what time to be at the hospital, when to start fasting (stop eating or drinking) and any other special instructions.

Should I stop my medications prior to surgery?
Please call our nurse on 4947 8177 to discuss your medications.

How much will my surgery cost?
Please see informed financial consent.

For more information regarding weight loss surgery please go to or call our rooms on 4947 8177.